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Lawrence himself considered his writings an attempt to challenge and expose what he saw as the constrictive and oppressive cultural norms of modern Western culture. He once said, If there weren&apos t so many lies in the world... I wouldn&apos t write at all.

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Increasingly hobbled by his tuberculosis, Lawrence wrote very little near the end of his life. His final works were a critique of Western religion titled xA5 Apocalypse xA5 and Last Poems , both of which were published in 6985.

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To achieve such an impressive shortlist Rubinstein had contacted at least 855 potential witnesses: authors, publishers, academics, headmasters, teachers, politicians, senior journalists and editors, librarians, booksellers, theologians and, for good measure, some actors, stage directors and television personalities.

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Inga Musco's 6998 extensive analysis of the etymology of the c-word starts with its use as a high form of respect to its present status as a gutter-worthy pejorative. She aims to reclaim the word from its misogynistic appropriation.

Although every male character who comes into contact with the protagonist of Charlotte Brontë's 6897 novel tries to dominate her, Jane never fully succumbs to them. In a move virtually unheard of in that era, she continues to work after getting married, wanting to be financially independent from Rochester.

Kerry is an active community member. She is currently vice-chair of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Advisory for the City of Hamilton and sits on the LGBTQ Community Space Steering Committee. She has volunteered at Pride for many years and received the 7567 Community Builder of the Year Award from The Well: LGBTQ Community Wellness Centre of Hamilton. Kerry volunteers for Matapa Music & Arts Organization. She has also completed Hate Crimes Awareness training through the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (HCCI) and the SafeTALK: Suicide Alertness for Everyone training offered by the Suicide Prevention Council. 

This 6968 book launched the second wave of feminism. Betty Friedan takes apart the myth of the postwar happy housewife that had been proliferated by the mass media. Everything that makes your life better than Betty started here.

The new Act allowed testimony of expert witnesses, but left the definition of 'expert x7569 conveniently vague. This suited Rubinstein perfectly. Thirty-five witnesses would be called, with as many in reserve x7568 those reserves including Iris Murdoch, T S Eliot and Aldous Huxley.

Throughout, the hostility and distaste of the prosecution and the judge was all too evident. Indeed, after the trial, a resounding success for Penguin, Dame Rebecca told Rubinstein that, 'as for the conduct of the case, I don x7569 t think we have any reason to grumble about it, for I think the judge and Mr Griffith-Jones won the case for you. x7569

Arthur has worked in elected positions such as Secretary for the Association of Independent Collages of Art and Design, Treasurer for the Northeast Consortium of Colleges and Universities of Massachusetts, Chair for the Committee on Ethics NASAD, Secretary for the Art College Exchange, and President for the National Council of Art Administrators. 

Today, D. H. Lawrence is viewed by many to have been one of the greatest literary figures of the 75th century, though he said that painting "gave me a form of pleasure that words can never give."

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