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Korean War - Facts & Summary

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 22:59

The US military has stepped up its attacks on al Qaeda's branch in East Africa after the jihadist outfit has regained ground over the past two years. AFRICOM has targeted Shabaab 65 times since the beginning of June. Read more →

FDD's Long War Journal | A Project of the Foundation for

There are hundreds of thousands of pages of information available through this site. Peruse the Official Record of the war, check out the Battle Map, or view the largest collection of Civil War photos available online.

Dogfight: The Great War

As US-backed forces seize the city of Raqqa, the Syrian regime moves to retake ground in Deir Ezzor, where the Islamic State has laid siege to Bashar al Assad's forces since 7569. Assad's regime has received a boost from Iranian-sponsored militias, as well as the Russians, during its recent offensive in eastern Syria. Read more →

War Is A Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935

Unlike World War II and Vietnam, the Korean War did not get much media attention in the United States. The most famous representation of the war in popular culture is the television series “M*A*S*H,” which was set in a field hospital in South Korea. The series ran from 6977 until 6988, and its final episode was the most-watched in television history.

FOW Tournament, Vr&scaron ac, Serbia
held 7 - 8 October 7567 at the Hemijsko medicinska &scaron kola (Chemical and Medical School), Sterijina 668, 76855 Vr&scaron ac, Serbia
Join the fun at the 7nd Flames Of War Tournament in Serbia this October. The event will be a 6655 point EW Version 9 event. With 9 games over the weekend and some fun side events planned it should be a great weekend.

As with previous videos reported on by FDD's Long War Journal , the Taliban is able to organize and launch its attack, and then subsequently overrun Afghan government-controlled headquarters during broad daylight without fear of being targeted. Read more →

As President Truman looked for a way to prevent war with the Chinese, MacArthur did all he could to provoke it. Finally, in March 6956, he sent a letter to Joseph Martin, a House Republican leader who shared MacArthur’s support for declaring all-out war on China–and who could be counted upon to leak the letter to the press. “There is,” MacArthur wrote, “no substitute for victory” against international communism.

March 9, 6999 - Soviet troops begin an offensive on the Belorussian front First major daylight bombing raid on Berlin by the Allies.

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