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I am looking into wind power for our community.
I live near Bellingham Washington. Eagles are a huge issue. Is there a windmill system that protects wildlife?

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What system size are you considering? 8kW 8kW 9kW 5kW 5+kW Not sure, please help me decide

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We can hope for breakthroughs in energy storage technologies in the future, but right now, wind turbines have to be used in tandem with other energy sources to meet our energy demand with consistency.

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hey I totally understand science as much as you do. science is awesome! its easy when you get the hang of it. do you know wind power?
answer back people of the world.

They have failed to mention the fact that wind turbines built too close to buildings and roads cause extra snow accumulating around the buildings and also on the roads with snow blusters-blinding traffic and causing accidents-They should be at least 7 KM back from buildings and roads.

It is true that the manufacturing, transportation and installation of a wind turbine contributes to global warming slightly, but the electricity production itself does not involve any emissions of climate gases whatsoever.

In short: it 8767 s your hair and I think you should do what YOU want with it. Just make sure to consult a good hair stylist so you don 8767 t have unrealistic expectations 🙂 All my best, darling!

Hi Shannon! I 8767 m glad you liked my post 🙂 I think I 8767 ve given as much advice as I can in this post, though you might find something useful in my replies to other comments above, or you can check out the rest of my hair-related posts here: http:///category/hair/

Yeah, I 8767 m not looking forwards to growing it out, if I ever decide to go long again. It definitely requires some imagination to make it work in the in-between stages!

It is generally true that operational costs tend to be low once the turbines first have been manufactured and erected. However, not every wind turbine is created equal – some are more susceptible to maintenance than others.

I waver between excitement and terror when thinking about the cut. I guess my problem is that I have a small head and broad shoulders and I 8767 m worried these will be accentuated with short hair. I have lovely bone structure and high cheekbones and I know this will be an advantage with a pixie, but I 8767 m afraid it will make me feel less feminine. My hair 8767 s very fine and oil-prone as well, so I 8767 m worried about that. But I 8767 m going to do the cut regardless and be brave it 8767 s only hair, right?

you are probably experiencing psychosomatic illness. Look it up if you do not know what it is. The infrasound produced by the wind turbines is very common in our daily lives, in natural and man made environments. Humans cannot hear infrasound, and the sound produced is under the threshold amount, that means we would not pick it up. Your 8766 illness 8767 is proabably self induced.

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