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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 12:05

During a huddle, the quarterback gives players the directives (or plays) and manages from the field. An individual player, like a wide receiver, may be directed to be in a certain area of the field to receive the ball. He may also be directed where to run with the ball. A group of linebackers may be directed to tackle certain players on the opposing team. Regardless of the position, each player must carry out the play according to the quarterback's expectations.

Path-Goal Theory of Leadership - Changing minds

Path Goal Theory states that the leader is responsible for providing followers with the information, support, or other resources necessary to achieve their goals.

Path - goal theory - Main Steps to Write a Superb Essay

In conclusion The Path-Goal theory is useful because it reminds leaders that their central purpose as a leader is to help employees define and reach their goals in an efficient manner.

Leadership and Innovation: Path-Goal Theory

Managers may not be able to change the personal characteristics or the personnel but can shape his approach of leading and managing by understanding them.

The path-goal questionnaire is the preferred instrument. The scores represent the four types of behavior and tells the leader which style they use more dominantly.

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Now that I have laid out the essential elements of this theory, let’s see how we can use it in the real world. Frank, the director of marketing for a career development firm is not hitting his lead-generation targets. Upon closer inspection, his manager notes that Frank is not putting in the appropriate amount of effort into his work in other words, Frank does not seem motivated to do this job. How can the path-goal theory work to increase Frank’s motivation?

Issues: Workers of first shift are demotivated as they think there work is pretty much repetitive and monotonous. Second shift is suffering from high rate of absenteeism and turnover. Upper

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Using one of the styles contingent upon situational factors, the leader attempts to influence subordinates 8767 perceptions, and to motivate them, which in turn leads to sub-ordinates 8767 role clarity, goal expectancy, satisfaction and performance.

Clarify specific expectations to employees regarding the e-Learning course and their future job performance. You can build these expectations into your course with learning objectives that provide clear direction.

The Path-Goal Theory still is undemocratic, and it remains to be seen whether the modifications would work in environments where group members are independently-oriented, intelligent, and knowledgeable. For example, would the theory work in a scientific or academic setting? This raises the concern of whether or not the theory can be universally applied, and to House's credit, he would probably admit that it has limitations.

Path-Goal theory defines the role of a leader as one who defines the goal and lays down the path for the subordinate that facilitates completion of goal.

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