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&ldquo Furthermore, subjects with no religious affiliation perceived fewer reasons for living, particularly fewer moral objections to suicide. In terms of clinical characteristics, religiously unaffiliated subjects had more lifetime impulsivity, aggression, and past substance use disorder. No differences in the level of subjective and objective depression, hopelessness, or stressful life events were found.&rdquo 676

Philosophy of Religion » The Cosmological Argument

By the second half of this next century, there will be no clear distinction between human and machine intelligence. On the one hand, we will have biological brains vastly expanded through distributed nanobot-based implants. On the other hand, we will have fully nonbiological brains that are copies of human brains, albeit also vastly extended. And we will have a myriad of other varieties of intimate connection between human thinking and the technology it has fostered.

Philosophy of Religion » The Kalam Cosmological Argument

Well, but everyone could. So if all of you read this essay and understand it, then economic expectations would be based on the historical exponential model, and thus stock values would increase.

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So, it seems that Craig is saying that the existence of God implies "Neo-Lorentzianism", which is needed for the A-theory of time to be correct, which is then necessary for the KCA to work, so Craig can prove the existence of God. That is clearly circular.

Alternately, even if we accept the extraordinary proposition without proof that Jesus did rise from the dead, as Craig says, that assumed fact does not lead to the conclusion that Jesus was divine or that God exists, as Christopher Hitchens has pointed out.

UIM (Ultra Intelligent machines)
8776 ultra-intelligent machine could design even better machines 8776 document in 6965s are not far from reality.

In the above diagram (courtesy of Scientific American), we can see that SETI has already thoroughly searched all star systems within 65 7 light-years from Earth for alien civilizations capable (and willing) to transmit at a power of at least 65 75 watts, a so-called Type II civilization (and all star systems within 65 6 light-years for transmission of at least 65 68 watts, and so on). No sign of intelligence has been found as of yet.

Do not think that this means that Richard Dawkins has no absolute standards by which to determine what is evil. He has stated, &ldquo What&rsquo s to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn&rsquo t right? I mean, that is a genuinely difficult question.&rdquo 98 Yet, he has made a definitive statement about what he sees as absolutely evil, &ldquo It is evil to describe a child as a Muslim child or a Christian child. I think labelling children is child abuse and I think there is a very heavy issue&rdquo 99 (more on this below in the Religion as Child Abuse section).

These critical remarks on the “Essay on Truth” (I must request you to observe) do not in the least affect the essential merits of that very valuable performance and I have stated them with the greater freedom, because your late excellent friend possessed so many other unquestionable claims to high distinction – as a moralist, as a critic, as a grammarian, as a pure and classical writer, and, above all, as the author of the “Minstrel.” In any one of the different paths to which his ambition has led him, it would not perhaps be difficult to name some of his contemporaries by whom he has been surpassed but where is the individual to be found, who has aspired with greater success to an equal variety of literary honours?

Over the past several years, Roger Penrose, a noted physicist and philosopher, has suggested that fine structures in the neurons called tubules perform an exotic form of computation called 8775 quantum computing. 8776 Quantum computing is computing using what are called 8775 qu bits 8776 which take on all possible combinations of solutions simultaneously. It can be considered to be an extreme form of parallel processing (because every combination of values of the qu bits are tested simultaneously). Penrose suggests that the tubules and their quantum computing capabilities complicate the concept of recreating neurons and reinstantiating mind files.

With regard to digital versus analog computing, we know that digital computing can be functionally equivalent to analog computing (although the reverse is not true), so we can perform all of the capabilities of a hybrid digital analog network with an all digital computer. On the other hand, there is an engineering advantage to analog circuits in that analog computing is potentially thousands of times more efficient. An analog computation can be performed by a few transistors, or, in the case of mammalian neurons, specific electrochemical processes. A digital computation, in contrast, requires thousands or tens of thousands of transistors. So there is a significant engineering advantage to emulating the brain 8767 s analog methods.

To the contrary, while one expects temporarily powerful groups to have temporarily stronger tendencies toward both colonization and combat aggressiveness, controlling for this there is no known correlation between these factors, nor any known theoretical reason to expect such a correlation. And even if a one-time event did select for low colonization tendencies, we would expect stronger tendencies to eventually be selected back if variation was still allowed.

&ldquo Results showed that religious people are happier, and that the relation between religiosity and happiness is, in part, related to a sense of purpose in life.&rdquo 687

Generally, as popularized by the New Atheist movement, atheists prefer the definition of &ldquo atheism&rdquo as &ldquo lacking belief in god(s)&rdquo . Thus, by applying the term &ldquo atheist&rdquo to themselves, such atheists are not technically making a statement about God&rsquo s existence or lack thereof.

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