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In her delirium, Catherine reveals that her true emotional identity has not altered since she was twelve, just before she stayed with the Lintons for some weeks. Everything that happened to her since then ceases to have any importance when she is irrational:

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Illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen takes cityscapes and deconstructs them into swirly abstract designs perfect for the creative colorer. Cullen took inspiration from cities like London, Rome, and Luxor when creating this unusual coloring book. 

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Lockwood: Mr. Heathcliff, there's someone out there in the storm. It's a woman. I heard her calling. She said her name. It - Cathy, Cathy, that was it. Cathy? Oh, I must have been dreaming. Forgive me, Mr. Heathcliff.
Heathcliff: Get out of this room. Get out! Get out I tell you!

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Isn't it wonderful?.Isn't she beautiful? That's the kind of dress I'll wear. And you'll have a red velvet coat and silver buckles on your shoes. Oh, Heathcliff! Will we? Will we ever?

Created by Paris-based artist Zoe de Las Cases, this coloring book focuses on the little things in New York City. Color your way through Manhattan to Brooklyn, one tote bag or sneaker at a time.

With the death of Mr. Earnshaw, Heathcliff's benefactor, Hindley establishes himself as the new master of the house and orders Heathcliff to become the stable boy: You're not wanted up and help the stable boys harness the horse for the vicar. Do as you're told. I'm master here now.

Every once in a while, you need to pour yourself a glass of wine and indulge in some good old fashioned swooning. This book of dreamy hunks does not discriminate you can be any skill level to color in all your favorite heartthrobs.

Emily Brontë's gothic novel paints a pretty vivid picture of the Yorkshire moors, and the misty landscapes and brooding characters make for excellent subjects in a coloring book. Each illustration is coupled with a quote from the book, so you can relive the drama once again as you color.

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