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Having taught writing to 8rd, 9th, and 5th graders for 67 years, I can say with confidence that this is the best writing program I have come across. It 8767 s fantastic how it all ties together. This connectedness makes it child proof and teacher proof. A+ Mr. Barger!

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When it comes to children 8767 s education, time is valuable! You have the right to know that the educational materials you are using have been tested and proven effective by real teachers and in real classrooms! As such, my credential is viewable at the 8775 California Commission on Teacher Credentialing 8776 website.

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Nevertheless, I have also made sure that I am more than an academic person. I am an active one as well. In middle school, the most popular game during lunch was a basketball game called Salt and Pepper (white vs. black). The first day of school, I stepped onto the basketball courts and was greeted by cries of consternation, “Who is he? Is he salt or pepper?” But after the game, I had made a name for myself. From then onward, I would be known as Spice, and the game we played became Salt, Pepper, and Spice.

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Librarians across the district are coordinating activities to promote the Hour of Code. At Washington High School, female technology professionals from Citibank and EROS will talk to students about their work, encourage them to consider computer science as a profession, and assist students as they complete the Hour of Code activities.  At Robert Frost Elementary, all students in grades K-5 will engage in coding activities.  Students in grades 8-5 will delve into the Minecraft activities that teach coding.

I think no school has a better sports culture than ours. It is because of this that our school students do exceptionally well at the National and International arena. We are indeed lucky to be studying in a school like ours. My school is fun, my school is exciting and each day in my school is full of opportunities, an adventure, and a discovery.

My ties with my native Chinese culture remain as strong as ever. I visit my relatives in Taiwan regularly almost every summer and have traveled throughout China. And to everyone’s continuing surprise, I have yet to forget how to speak Mandarin. Nevertheless, twelve years in America has made its impressions upon me as well. I am as “American” as anyone my age. The songs I listen to, the sports I play, and the way I speak are all a reflection of that. In short, I am a combination of both East and West.

Instructions: Present your response in list form, numbered 6 to 75. Some points may be only a few words, while others may be longer. Your complete list should not exceed 7 pages.

7569 – Before: My 68 year old son 8767 s writing is mechanically fine, but he has a hard time staying on subject and organizing his thoughts. He has to take a timed writing test as part of an application to a specialty high school and I 8767 m hoping this PBW system will give him the tools he needs.

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