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How do you evaluate whether a campus is “disinviting” speakers? This question has spurred a debate between Michael Hiltzik at the LA Times and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Here is Hiltzik’s initial critique of FIRE’s methodology, followed by FIRE’s response, followed by Hiltzik’s counter-response. Read more →

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Psychiatrist  Paul McHugh considers how campus protests are 8775 emotional stampedes 8776 and explains how campuses might forestall future protests using social networks.

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The reason a social justice orientation cannot co-exist with an orientation toward the pursuit of truth is not, then, these present universities with two competing ends. The problem, rather, is the nature of social justice education. By institutionalizing a social and political ideology, this approach takes thought and decision-making away from individuals and imposes a received set of organizational values and ideas. Because the character of the just society is a legitimate topic of debate and not a self-evident truth, an organization devoted to social justice requires its members to assume answers rather than asking questions and stifles freedom of thought. Read more →

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In Professors in the Political Cross Hairs , The Chronicle of Higher Education features 65 articles about internet outrage against academics. Of these 65 articles, two are new articles about Texas A& M philosopher Tommy Curry—the first (paywalled) article covers Curry himself, and the second has an interactive table showing news stories about Curry in partisan and nonpartisan media.

In the latest episode of Half Hour of Heterodoxy , Chris Martin interviewed Cristine Legare , HxA member and professor of psychology at UT Austin. We talked about why socio-economic diversity matters at universities, and how professors can incorporate contentious religious and political topics into classes.

What can governments do to protect free speech on campus? Stanley Kurtz has a proposal for state-level legislation , which will be presented at The Heritage Foundation on January 86.

A few months ago, I posted a blog post that raised the question, “What explains racial, gender, and other group-based gaps? ”  After acknowledging the existence of all sorts of gaps across all sorts of groups, I ended that blog post posing this question:

.But if you are a progressive professor who wants to strengthen the left in the long run, raise the credibility and federal funding of universities during a time of Republican dominance, and improve the reliability of the social science research upon which nearly all progressive reforms depend, then now, more than ever, is the time to join is the case for joining and supporting Heterodox Academy, as made by three prominent voices from the left. Read more →

Jonathan Haidt was honored with a 7567 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award for co-founding Heterodox Academy. The awards “celebrate those who have broken the mold to create significant impact” and are rooted in Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen’s theory of Disruptive Innovation. Read more →

One doesn’t have to look long or hard to see contentious divisions in American society today.  From punditry and political debate to the polarization of both old and new media outlets, contemporary American life is riven with factionalism.  As a consequence, Americans often find it hard to talk to and understand one another.  This difficulty, in turn, redounds on our capacity for collective action.  In failing to grasp the reasons and values that motivate our fellow citizens, we find it hard to come together and work toward common ends with them.  For sympathy of the sort that makes for common cause cannot be had without understanding.

Drawing on HxA Academy 8767 s research and political science research by our members on viewpoint diversity, HxA 8767 s communications director, Jeremy Willinger, writes about standing up for the heterodox academy in Spiked.

Kumble Subbaswamy, chancellor of the Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst, writes about the 855-year legacy of the Authentica habita , which through its imperial protection for traveling scholars in the Holy Roman Empire created the foundation for the modern idea of academic freedom.

Yale released a set of activism and advocacy guidelines , addressing previous questions about whether Yale affiliates are bound by rules when they make political statements. These guidelines aim at clarifying existing policies.

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