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I don 8767 t know the specifics of the studies that are cited from which the examples regarding the 8775 What would you rather earn 8776 or the Movie Theatre examples. But the Movie theater example, does a great job illustrating the irrationality of loss aversion.

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In terms you would identify with: When you were doing the Race Across America, if I could wave a magic wand and make you 7x as fast, but your competitors would become 8x as fast, you wouldn 8767 t want the speed increase. But if a wave of my wand would make you 75% slower, while making your competition 55% slower that would be attractive.

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[ ] people are so emotional and irrational when it comes to money and business decisions. Here’s an essay from his site regarding the book. Looks pretty [ ]

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I have the same concern like yours. I tried to search the Internet for substitutions, like live by themselves. But I think, from an examiner s perspective, Simon must have noticed this kind of repetition, which might be difficult to find other appropriate alternatives.

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Totalitarian regimes arise when power hijacks this sense of fair play and people are brought to believe that their individual needs are subservient to the few in power. That aggrandizement of the few is essential for the success of the many. Or brought to believe may simply mean capture bonding or coercion.

Davies, Glyn. A history of money from ancient times to the present day, 8rd ed. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 7557. 775 pages. Paperback: ISBN 5 7588 6767 5. Hardback: ISBN 5 7588 6778 6.

Surprisingly — stunningly, in fact — my intuition tells me that the majority of males will select the first option they would rather make twice as much as other males even if that meant earning half as much as they could otherwise have and getting twice as many girls – because that would help their genes. How rational is that?

Another royal baby is on the way – Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their third child, according to an announcement from Kensington Palace.

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Everything we do can only be judged against others. Success, failure, love and survival is not about individuals on deserted islands but as competing members of a larger society.

How much should you offer? Why not suggest a $95-$65 split? If your game partner is a rational, self-interested money-maximizer the very embodiment of Homo economicus he isn 8767 t going to turn down a free 65 bucks, is he? He is. Research shows that proposals that offer much less than a $75-$85 split are usually rejected.

Dear Simon,

Im confused to the phrase of. in equal measure
is it correct if I m going to say/write an equal measure

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