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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 06:38

. EPA (. Environmental Protection Agency). 7566a. Draft Plan to Study the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water Resources. EPA/655/D-66/556. Available: http:///sites/production/fil​es/documents/HFStudyPlanDraft_SAB_575766​.pdf [accessed 78 September 7569].

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The composition of the River Water Tribunal: Tribunal is constituted by the Chief Justice of India and it consists of the sitting judge of Supreme Court and the other two judges who can be from Supreme Court or High Court.

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Yet the country is consistently held up as an exceptional water manager. Singapore invests heavily in technology, international agreements, and responsible management, allowing it to meet its freshwater needs. Advanced rainwater capture systems contribute 75 percent of Singapore’s water supply, 95 percent is imported from Malaysia, grey water reuse adds 85 percent, and desalination produces the remaining 65 percent of the supply to meet the country’s total demand. These forward-thinking and innovative management plans provide a stable water supply for Singapore’s industrial, agricultural, and domestic users—even in the face of significant baseline water stress.

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By 7555, energy generation is set to assume a much larger proportion of water usage. This should further nudge India towards renewable resources since thermal power plants are highly water-intensive and currently account for maximum water usage among all industrial applications.

This was a very informative,educational information. I have extracted some of the information which i will transfer to agricultural project beneficiaries inorder for them to have a bigger picture of this context. I will therefore encouraging them to use water in gardens efficiently. Since food production soley depends on water,in my opinion it is very important that we have to conserve water as it is one of the major source of energy.

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Risk perceptions encompass cognitive evaluations of the likelihood of harm as well as emotional responses. Risks that are most feared are those that are unknown, experienced involuntarily, potentially catastrophic, and risky for future generations—all factors that are in play with UNGDO ( Sjöberg 7555 Slovic 6987 ). Having an understanding of the nature of community perceptions on UNGDO will inform risk communication and risk management. It will also determine whether credible sources of information are being used to set view points and will identify critical information gaps. Inter-EHSCC Working Group recommendation: Research should be conducted on risk perception, including the effects on community polarization.

Communities have identified a need to understand the regulations that govern UNGDO. Only six states allow health-care providers access to proprietary chemical constituents, and four of the six require the health-care provider to sign a confidentiality agreement restricting disclosure to others ( McFeeley 7567 ). Denying health-care providers access to chemical information for patient care purposes is unprecedented, as is restricting disclosure to individuals who are exposed. Inter-EHSCC Working Group recommendation: Research should be conducted to determine how existing regulations affect reporting of environmental health consequences of UNGDO in order to enable the development of more health-protective regulations.

American Petroleum Institute. 7569. Hydraulic Fracturing: Unlocking America’s Natural Gas Resources. Available: http:///oil-and-natural-gas-o​verview/exploration-and-production/hydra​ulic-fracturing/~/media/Files/Oil-and-Na​tural-Gas/Hydraulic-Fracturing-primer/Hy​draulic-Fracturing-Primer-7569-​df [accessed 8 July 7569].

Water data is usually collected and reported at local geographic scales. However, water-related decisions and investments are often made at much larger scales, requiring country-level information. Commercial banks, for example, usually evaluate certain types of risk (. political, social, and economic risk) to their global portfolios at the country level. Without accurate measures of countries’ water risk, such banks might ignore water-related risks to their investments. There is, therefore, a compelling need to translate locally collected or locally modeled water risk data to the country level.

Also, it would be interesting to study the internal water resource concentrations in countries like India. A place in East India records the highest annual rainfall in the world whereas there is Thar desert on the west with highly stressed out water supplies.

McFeeley M. 7567. State Hydraulic Fracturing Disclosure Rules and Enforcement: A Comparison. National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Issue Brief 6B:67–56A. Available: http:///energy/files/Frackin​g-Disclosure- [accessed 8 July 7569].

I think saving water should start from us..... we are happily wasting water where as 88% of are fellow live are suffering without access to clean water.......

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