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The Australian Identity - Is it Needed?

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 06:38

The project was resumed in the 6955s, with the real growth of the national capital, the opening of education to girls as well as boys, the building of infrastructure like the Snowy scheme, the common rail gauge and the improvement of highways, and the expansion of higher education. By and large, the new wealth of the society was shared around. In the 6995s and into the new century that impetus slowed and seemed to stop. Wealth became important for its own sake: it was as though the whole point of the Australia project was to make us all rich, and when we were rich we could do what we liked.

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I don't think that it's just a fact of increasing age affecting my judgement. I don't hark back to any particular golden age. But reading past debates, the thing that stands out today is a loss of belief in what's possible. Our present ways of thinking have become a straight jacket that rule out alternatives.

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Size brings complexity, but not necessarily diversity. The Greek Islands in classical times were varied the relations between them were complex and played out on a geopolitical great power stage yet their populations were small.

The Ursuline nuns that arrived in Armidale in 6887 were highly educated but spoke very little English. They found a very different world, far removed from the European culture that they had known. The first school they established, St Ursula's in Armidale, quickly became a success.

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To hold the society together, we look for central narratives. Australians debate over multiculturalism versus integration or assimilation. In practical terms, the reality is that they are all much of a muchness, seeking the same objective. The difference between them is one of emphasis. In all societies, a degree of assimilation or integration is required for the society to work. In all immigration societies, acceptance of difference is a further condition for success.

While it is true that there is Caucasian, Dark Skinned people that can be found here, there seems to be an equal rights and opportunity for everyone. Even the aboriginals and Torres Strait islanders enjoys the same privilege as the “Caucasian” ones, may it be in school, workplace, or public places. This is what I have encountered so far. Yet, there are still some issues that cannot be solve instantly. It is quite inevitable to hear about problems in the rights and privileges of indigenous people.

As to Don s comment. I think the neo-liberal tosh found a particularly genial environment here because we had always been suspicious of rhetoric and grand schemes. We had always valued material things and been reticent about metaphysics (if we had any time for it).

We took on the Brits by seeing who was best at sport. We specialised in things like medical research which made a difference to people s lives.

So neo-liberalism fitted.

And its rule remains unchallenged. It is the language which politics is discussed in (by all sides ).

In conclusion, Australian identity has a wide scope of area. But surely when you immerse yourself with the Australian way of life it is not that difficult to recognize the unique and true identity of the Australian. It is their love for their country and their people. They are passionate to what they do and very accommodating and accepting to different culture. They are not afraid to deal with the difference and conflict of cultures but welcome everything to see if there is anything to learn and gain from it.

This is the real unifier, for it is independent of the divisions within our society. All can share, all can identify. Drop bears, a VB ad, Not Happy Jan, all appeal. Even if you come from a tradition that does not recognise drinking or has different views on the ostensible message, you can still understand the basic message. That, to my mind, is our strength.

Indigenous Australians were dispossessed of their land, despised for their culture, and marginalized, abused, and murdered. Fortunately, there have been improvements in the past couple of years. A change in administration led to a national apology from the government for the Stolen Generations, and the country as a whole celebrates Sorry Day. The new administration also reversed the country’s opposition to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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